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Sparks Of Redemption

The Torah at All Its Levels

From: Chabad.AM Editorial Staff    
2004-03-30 11:38:01

Since the Redemption must occur in all the spiritual worlds, and since every spiritual occurrence is actualized by means of the Torah, it follows that it is essential in these last days of the exile that our Torah study should penetrate the worlds of all levels. And this is achieved through studying all four levels of the Torah together, for these four levels whose acronym is pardes [pshat -- the plain meaning of Scripture; remez -- meanings implied by allusion; derush -- insights arrived at by means of a non-literal, homiletic interpretation, as in the Midrash or Talmudic Aggadah; and sod -- the Kabbalistic mysteries of the Torah] correspond [in reverse order] to the Four Worlds -- Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah.
In our days, therefore, how vital it is to study the revealed levels of the Torah together with its inner dimensions.
From a talk of the Rebbe Shlita on Shabbos Parshas Haazinu, 5743 [1982]
הרבי מליובאוויטש שליט"א מלך המשיח - חב"ד
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
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