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Sparks Of Redemption

Our Duty to Disseminate the Wellsprings (vii)

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2004-07-29 20:01:23

In one of the letters which the Rebbe Rayatz addressed to his chassidim at large in 5710 [1949] he wrote as follows:

In honor of the forthcoming Yud-Tes Kislev I am hereby forwarding to you [...], as well as a copy of a letter of mine written in 5687 [1927] which urges its readers to engage in making the study of Chassidus widespread. This letter is still valid today, and in fact more so.

Explaining the last phrase, the Rebbe Shlita writes:

a.  From the mortal perspective: Today’s world needs a more intense light and a greater diffusion of light, because of its lower standards (as the Sages write, "Is the generation fit...?!" and moreover, "If the early generations were like angels, we are [like mortals, etc.]"), and because of the seriously depleted numbers of our Jewish brethren (as a result of the events of recent years).

b.  From the heavenly perspective: Year by year in every era, a new and lofty spiritual light which has never yet radiated is drawn down to this world, each year from a higher realm. This obliges us to provide additional "vessels" for this light. In this era in particular, we are coming ever closer to the time of which we have been promised, "In its time I will expedite it." This verse refers to the time of the coming and revelation of Mashiach. The "vessel" for this revelation is the light of Chassidus; the condition for this revelation is the dissemination of the wellsprings of Chassidus. It follows that this light must radiate even to places which until now were "outside", and that everywhere, vessels to contain the light of Mashiach should be expanded.

Igros Kodesh (Letters) of the Rebbe Shlita, Vol. III, p. 222

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