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Sparks Of Redemption

A Sefer Torah with which to Greet Mashiach

From: Chabad.AM Editorial Staff    
2004-08-30 16:37:14

Before Hakkafos on the eve of Simchas Torah in the year 5702 (1941), the Rebbe Rayatz announced that a Sefer Torah was going to be written especially "to greet our righteous Mashiach." The writing was intended to begin on Chaf MarCheshvan (the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab), and at that stage was intended to begin publicly. In fact it was postponed to Beis Iyar (the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash), when the writing began, according to the Rebbe’s instructions, discreetly.

Excerpts from Letters of the Rebbe Rayatz

On Simchas Torah I announced that I am about to begin writing a Sefer Torah and with it to greet Mashiach. Please announce that whoever so desires may participate in the writing of letters.

Igros Kodesh (Letters) of the Rebbe Rayatz, Vol. VI, p. 47

I have telegraphed my friend [i.e., Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah Leib Eliezrov of Jerusalem] about acquiring lengths of parchment six handsbreadths high, explicitly prepared from kosher animals that have undergone shechitah, on which to write (with G-d’s help) a Sefer Torah with which to greet our righteous Mashiach very soon.

Ibid., p. 28

I hereby authorize...to arrange for...a particular person who should engage in this -- to print copies of the public letter which announces the writing of the Sefer Torah, and of the open letter which invites those interested to notify that they wish to participate in its writing.

Ibid., p. 104

By virtue of our saintly forebears, the Rebbeim, the Prime Cause has so engineered circumstances that it has fallen to my fortunate lot to become the agent for the performance of a sublime mission -- to become aroused and to arouse others in immediate repentance, so that we may prepare ourselves for immediate redemption, and write a Sefer Torah with which to greet our righteous Mashiach.

My unspoken intention was that this should be done privately. At the table on Simchas Torah, however, as I extolled the virtue of ahavas Yisrael, the love of a fellow Jew, ...a doubt arose in my mind as to whether it would be right on my part to keep this truth concealed, and thereby to prevent many men of merit from sharing in this holy privilege. Accordingly, regardless of the forces of evil which the Zohar likens to "insolent dogs...which cannot tolerate a pure spirit, and which abuse scholars and scorn their works," I decided to announce that with G-d’s help I am about to begin writing a Sefer Torah with which to greet our righteous Mashiach, speedily and in our own days, Amen.

I pray that G-d in His mercy will be compassionate and ease the birthpangs of the coming of Mashiach, for us and for all our Jewish brethren, wherever they may be. Protected by His lovingkindness and mercy, both materially and spiritually, may we be found worthy of welcoming our righteous Mashiach in the very near future. Amen, Amen!

Ibid., p. 278

הרבי מליובאוויטש שליט"א מלך המשיח - חב"ד
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
King Messiah may he live for ever

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