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Sparks Of Redemption

The Twelfth of Tammuz

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2004-09-26 10:22:06

The outstanding date in the month of Tammuz is the seventeenth, which recalls themes of destruction and exile. In our times an additional date stands out, with an opposite theme -- the Festival of Liberation, celebrated on the twelfth and thirteenth of the month (Yud-Beis and Yud-Gimmel Tammuz), marking the release of the Rebbe Rayatz from incarceration and exile in Stalinist Russia in 1927. His release from mortal danger was a redemption for the cause of Torah and the practice of Judaism at large. 

For what underlying reason does the latter date fall in the midst of the somber month of Tammuz? -- Because it is in our very generation, the generation that can hear the closely-approaching footsteps of Mashiach, that the theme of redemption which lies hidden in the month of Tammuz has been revealed.

Ibid., Vol. XVIII, p. 310

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