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Sparks Of Redemption

The Exile Transformed: A Foretaste

From: Chabad.AM Editorial Staff    
2004-10-03 18:31:44

At the time of the future Redemption, the darkness of exile will be transformed into light; indeed, the exile itself will be transformed into redemption. Indeed already now, in the time of exile, we are allowed to savor a semblance of this transformation -- when even in conditions of exile Jews are granted mastery over worldly things, and receive assistance from the governments under which they live.

This is especially evident in our generation, both in this benevolent land, and in that other land, which has helped Jews find their way from distress to freedom.

The reason: Ours is the last generation of the exile and the first generation of the Redemption. And the nearer we approach the Redemption, the more clearly can we perceive that the world is being prepared for the transformation of the exile in the imminent Redemption, by means of our foretaste of this transformation during the time of exile.

From a talk of the Rebbe Shlita on Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, 5751 [1990]

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